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Remove door panels on a 2005 Nissan Frontier pickup.

Removing Door Panels On A 2005 Nissan Frontier Pickup

Gaining Access To Repair Power Windows, Door Locks, Side Mirrors and More.

(Covers Model Years 1998 to 2007)

In This Article:

After the window handle is removed, various screws are removed and then the door panel is pried away. The side-view mirror is removed, and rear door panel is removed.

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Skill Level: 2-3 (Basic to Intermediate)

Time Taken: About 30 Minutes

By Jim Wilk, Licensed Auto Body Technician


To remove the door panel on this 2005 Nissan Frontier, I had to remove three hidden bolts and the  window handle

Hidden screw locations on a 2005 Nissan Frontier.


Removing window crank handle with special tool.

To remove the window crank, I used a window handle spring release tool.

I pushed the tool in from the back side to release the spring.


View of back side of window handle with spring released.

The red arrow points to the retainer spring. This spring sits in a groove in the shaft and holds the handle in place.

Back view of window crank handle, Nissan Frontier.

Sometimes the retainer spring flies out when the handle is removed. I just use a pair of needle-nose pliers to put the spring back in place.


Removing small cover around door handle, Nissan truck. I used a flat screwdriver to pry off one of the two covers around the inside door latch.


Back view of first cover. Plastic cover around door handle, Nissan Frontier truck.


Remove second cover around door release handle, Nissan truck. Then with the same small screwdriver I pried off the second cover.


View of back side of cover.

Note the exposed bolt head behind the cover.

Trim cover around door handle, Nissan Frontier pickup truck.


Removing bolt behind door handle, Nissan Frontier 2005. I removed the bolt with a 10mm socket and ratchet.


Removing The Armrest:

Using a flat screwdriver I was able to pry off...

Removing armrest on 05 Nissan Frontier.


Removing armrest, Nissan Frontier pickup. ...the armrest from the plastic door panel.


View of back side of armrest. Back view of arm rest, Nissan truck.


Hidden screws behind armrest, Nissan Frontier. I used a 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the two bolts behind the armrest.


Using a rigid putty knife I began to pry the edge of the door panel to release the snap clips from the metal door shell. Prying door panel away from door, Nissan truck.


Lifting door panel away from door, Nissan pickup truck. Once all the snap clips were released, I pulled the plastic door panel from the metal door shell.


View of the back of the plastic door panel. Rear view of door panel, Nissan Frontier.


Front door of Nissan Frontier truck with trim panel removed. View of door with trim panel removed. The dust cover can be peeled back to reach the parts inside the door.


Removing The Side View Mirror:

There is a front cover by the mirror area that is held in by three center-pull clips and one snap clip. Special clips used to secure trim panel around side view mirror.


I used a tack puller to pry out the center of the clip.

Then I pried on the base of the clip and it came right out.


Then at the top of the cover I used the tack tool to pry the snap clip away from the metal door frame. Removing cover behind mirror, Nissan Frontier.


Bolt locations for side view mirror, Nissan Frontier. If this side view mirror was electric, I would disconnect the wire harness first.

I used an 8mm socket and ratchet to remove the three nuts (red arrows) that held the mirror to the metal door frame.

Caution: Have someone hold the side view mirror, or it may fall and cause damage.


View of back of side-view mirror. Side view mirror from Nissan Frontier.


Removing The Rear Door Panel:

Rear door panel on Nissan Frontier. The rear cab door panel is mounted to the metal door frame by two seat belt bolts and several snap clips.


I used a tack puller tool to release the lower seat belt bolt cover. Removing cover over lower seat belt mount.


Removing lower seat belt bolt, Nissan Frontier rear door. Then with a 14mm socket and ratchet...


...I removed the lower seat belt mounting bolt. Removing seat belt, Nissan truck.


Removing plastic cover over upper seat belt mounting location. Then I pried the cover loose on the upper part of the seat belt, using a tack puller.


I pulled the cover aside to expose the upper bolt. Seat belt mounting bolt, rear, Nissan Frontier.


Unbolting seat belt, upper, back seat, Nissan Frontier truck. Then I used a 14mm socket and ratchet...


... to remove the upper seat belt bolt. Removing seat belt bolt, Nissan Frontier.


Loosening upper portion of rear door panel, Nissan Frontier. Using a rigid putty knife and my finger tips, I was able pull the upper part of the panel loose.


Then using the putty knife I pried off the rest of the panel. Prying rear door panel away from door, Nissan.


Removing seat belt slot cover on back door of Nissan Frontier truck. I pried the seat belt cover from the door panel.


View of back side of seat belt cover.


Then I was then able to thread the seat belt through the plastic door panel.

Back seat belt where it goes through door panel, Nissan truck.


Back view of rear door panel, Nissan Frontier. View of back side of plastic door panel.


View of rear door metal door frame. Back door of Nissan Frontier with door panel removed.


More Info:

Tools Used:

  • Basic Mechanic's Tools
  • 10 and 14 mm Sockets and Ratchet
  • Tack puller
  • Flat screwdriver

Materials Used:

  • None

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