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Removing Door Panels On A
2003 Dodge Stratus

Gaining Access To Repair Power Windows,
Door Locks, Stereo Speakers and More.

(Covers Model Years 2001 to 2006)

In This Article:

Various screws are removed and then the door panel is pried away. Electrical connectors are disconnected to separate the panel from the door.

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Skill Level: 2-3 (Basic to Intermediate)

Time Taken: About 30 Minutes

By Bruce W. Maki, Editor


The inside of the driver's door on a 2003 Dodge Stratus 4-door sedan.

This car had power windows and power door locks.


We removed the plug inside the door handle.

Under the plug there was a Phillips head screw.


Then we removed the plastic plug in the door lever trim piece, and removed the Phillips screw behind it.


We removed three Phillips screws on the bottom edge of the door panel.


Using a door removal tool, we pried the door panel away from the metal door shell.

Normally a mechanic would start prying at the bottom corner on the striker side of the door (i.e. away from the hinges).


We removed the connecting rod from the back of the door lever. To disconnect this rod the plastic clip is swiveled away and the metal rod can be lifted out.


We disconnected the wiring harness by squeezing the plastic tab and pulling firmly.


Back view of the door shell.

The black sheet is a dust cover. This cover needs to be pulled away to access the parts inside the door, such as the power window motor.


Back view of the Dodge Stratus front door panel.


Rear Door:

We popped the plastic plug and removed the Phillips screw from the door handle.


Then we removed the plug and screw from the trim piece behind the door lever.


There were only two screws at the bottom of the door panel.


Then we used the door removal tool to pry the door panel away from the metal door shell.


Once all the snap connectors were removed, we lifted the door panel upwards about a half-inch so the upper lip would be freed.

Then we were able to pull the door panel away from the door.


We released the door lever connecting rod by rotating the plastic clip.


We disconnected the wiring harness by pressing on the release tab and pulling.


A view of the back of the door panel.


Like the front doors, the back doors have a rubber dust shield, which needs to be peeled away to work inside.


More Info:

Tools Used:

  • Flat Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Door Removal Tool (or Heavy Putty Knife)

Materials Used:

  • None

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Written July 10, 2007