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Replacing Tail Light Bulbs
On A 2006 Kia Sedona

Fixing A Faulty Turn Signal Or Brake Light

In This Article:

The tail light housing is removed, the bulb socket unscrewed, and the bulb pulled out.

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Skill Level: 1 (Very Basic)

Time Taken: About 15 Minutes

By Jim Wilk



This is the right tail light on a 2006 Kia Sedona mini-van.

The rear hatch needed to be open to reach the screws that held the plastic tail light assembly to the car body.


I removed two Phillips-head screws from the taillight housing.

BUT... There was a TRICK to this light.

After removing the two visible fasteners, I could tell that there was something else holding the tail light housing to the car.

Knowing that most of these hidden fasteners are either push-clips or T-slot connectors, I first tried to pull the housing outward. Then I slid the housing sideways and it came off.


Once the tail light housing was freed from the van, I laid the housing on the step of the bumper.


This is a close-up picture of the T-slot clip that holds the taillight housing to the van body.


Back view of tail light housing, Kia Sedona

There were 4 bulbs in this tail light assembly:

  • Running light (upper and lower),

  • Brake lights (upper and lower, combined with the running lights)

  • Amber turn signal,

  • White backup light.


To remove a light bulb I simply turned the bulb socket counter-clockwise and then pulled it out of the housing.

Then the old bulb could simply be pulled straight out of the socket.

The new bulb just pushed into the socket, and then the socket was replaced in the housing.

Removing taillight bulb socket, Kia Sedona


After checking to make sure all the bulbs worked, I installed the tail light housing. 


Then I replaced the two screws and the repair was complete.


More Info:

Tools Used:

  • Phillips Screwdriver

Materials Used:

  • Light Bulb (Check owner's manual for exact bulb number)

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Written Oct 2, 2007